Our Mission

To progress a model of digital governance devoted to human welfare through practically deliverable policy suggestions for pivotal policy makers.

How We Work

GIDE was founded to bring new solutions and diverse international partners to an increasingly complex digital governance agenda.

We bring new practical policy solutions and diverse international partners to ensure that the rules of the digital economy are more directed to the broad interests of humans, not just businesses and governments.  

Our human-centred model is beyond mere user concerns, but rather is directed to all humans (including non-users) and seeks to improve their well-being not just through material gain but also in optimising their social solidarity, agency, and environmental sustainability.  

Through a diverse network of members, who draw from the research, policy and technical communities, the Initiative conducts ” follow- the-sun” policy discussions and problem solving online. It also convenes members at face to face symposia and holds regular but targeted engagement meetings with pivotal policy makers throughout out the year. 

The Initiative brings diverse partners into the key arenas for digital policy debate and focuses on delivering practical solutions to key policy institutions to pursue regional and global change.

The Empowering Digital Citizens report was unveiled at the 2022 Global Solutions World Policy Forum in Berlin, Germany.

A panel of five global experts explores the concept of making digital citizens part of the solution to a marketplace that is currently closed to the very people whose personal data is being bought and sold.

Excerpts of remarks by Christiane Rohleder, State Secretary, German Federal Ministry of Environment and Consumer Protection.