Our Organizational Base

The New Institute

The members of GIDE are the core of the Digital Governance Initiative at THE NEW INSTITUTE.  Paul Twomey is the Initiative Director.   Based in Hamburg, THE NEW INSTITUTE is an institute of advanced studies and a platform for change. Its mission is to imagine and develop visions for fundamentally reconfigured societies.  It seeks to close the gap between insight and action, by bringing together academics and practitioners from different disciplines, united in the quest to analyse what needs acting upon, and to act upon analysis. It combine academic rigour and innovative practice to inspire, promote and implement societal change. THE NEW INSTITUTE provides a caring, committed and creative environment and serves as a facilitator for the hopeful.

Global Solutions Initiative

The Global Solutions Initiative has supported online meetings of the GIDE members.  It is the key avenue for promoting our work to the organs of the Group of 7 and Group of 20.  Dennis Snower is the founding President of the Global Solutions Initiative.